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Institut Teknologi Indonesia sebagai Technology Based Entrepreneur University Program, membuat program studi Informatika membangun kerja sama yang kuat dengan beberapa perusahaan untuk pengembangan dalam ranah Bisnis, Pendidikan, dan Penelitian.

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CBN Group

PT Cyberindo Aditama (CBN) is the pioneer of Internet Service Provider (ISP) company in Indonesia which has been established since 1995. Since 2008, CBN officially granted with the license of the NAP (Network Access Provider), so it has the freedom to develop the infrastructure and has presence in various cities in Indonesia. CBN has direct connections to the global network (International Upstream and Content Providers) end-to-end with the Submarine Fiber Optic, and has a direct connection to Indonesia Internet Exchange (IIX 2), OpenIXP and also C2IX, in addition to the number of private peering connections with the other local ISP, thus placing CBN strategically right in the middle of the Internet infrastructure of Indonesian.